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I wanted to share my experience with using meals from Michigan Meal Prep. I have been using their meals for quite a while now just for healthy eating in general due to the healthy options they offer with correct portion sizes. Well within the last 6 months I've had health concerns that have pushed me to need to lose weight. So by continuing to use the MMP meals and incorporating in more exercise, I have been able to lose 55 lbs in that time. Thanks for the help MMP!!! 🙂
Finding my way back to MMPC after a year and to no surprise, they still DO NOT disappoint. All meals are prepared fresh with great options, perfect portions and not to mention BEYOND TASTY. Even while working from home most of the time now, this is such a great option for me to do less 😂 and also stay on track with cals and portions 💪 I absolutely love every single meal we’ve tried. I had the chicken caesar salad for the first time and was blown away. Some may ask “Dang girl, come on. How good can a salad be?” But something about it was magical…the dressing is top notch. It’s a definite add to our future orders! Please consider supporting small businesses as much as possible, especially those that have amazing owners and terrific customer service 😊
This is great for after giving birth! With baby #3, I struggled to get enough food to recover, breastfeed, and care for everyone. These meals are saving our family and tasty. Also, a much healthier option than restaurant take outs!
I cannot recommend MMPCo.'s food enough! I recently broke my leg and these have been a total life-saver for me. The chicken in particular tastes like it was right out of the oven despite the fact that I used a microwave to reheat mine. It wasn't dry and rubbery which I can never accomplish when I make and reheat my own chicken. The seasonings were so flavorful without being salty which is so difficult to do. They also freeze really well if you need to save them for when you're really in a pinch. Thanks Francesca and Ryan! ☺️
Our family has been eating the meals for 2 weeks now and we love them! With 2 very picky kids, they love being able to pick their meals. Thanks for making such tasty dinners and making it easier for me! 🙂
Moved to MI from WA for relocation and have been eating from MMP for a month. The food is delicious, this is third meal preparation company I’ve ordered from in my life and I have to say they absolutely nail salads, especially the chicken on the salads - perfectly moist and high quality. Definitely will be continuing to order!
This past week was a breeze thanks to The Michigan Meal Prep Company. No shopping, no cooking, and minimal kitchen cleaning. Meals were fresh and tasted great. Also helped keep me on track. As a mom, it’s easy to skip meals because we’re busy and the kids come first. It was nice to actually eat full, healthy meals made easy!
Michigan meal prep is hands down the go to if anyone needs meals prepped! Not only is all the food delicious, but it’s done with love and compassion. Francesca and Ryan are very generous!! I recently went on maternity leave and to my surprise, bags of prepped meals showed up at my door! Having those prepped meals made my first week home with a new born that much easier! Might i add, the food is all Michigan based! How cool!
This company is amazing! I ordered for the first time on Sun and Wed it was promptly delivered. The signature meals that I've had so far are simply amazing and DELICIOUS! This is such a time saver for me and best of all it's fresh and healthy for you.
So far we have been so happy with all of the meals. We did Chef's Choice for our first order and there was nothing we did not like. I just went back to work after baby #2 and last week having the meals ready was such a life saver! My husband and I got to eat together before 9 pm!! Already placed our next order and passing the info along to my co-workers that are busy parents as well. 🙂
I love this company. Even if the food wasn’t amazing (which it is) the customer service is incredible. There was a mixup with my order and it was delivered to the wrong location and Ryan offered to personally deliver it to my house. I had my meals within the hour and he even gave me a discount on my next order. Not to mention the food, which speaks for itself, delicious, healthy, and satisfying. Whenever I am in Michigan I will be ordering from them!
I LOVED it! Paul Howard got me hooked on a couple of the meals and they were great! I would recommend this to anyone 🙂
Great taste. Great portions. Great Price!!!!For someone like me that is always on the go having the food cut up makes it so easy to eat quickly and carry on with my busy schedule. Thanks MMP!
I have loved every meal that I have tried so far. Each meal has a different twist and includes a lean protein, veggie and carbohydrate. I am left satiated after every meal. I will use this company frequently!
I have been ordering for a few months and the food is delicious!! The company is very flexible if you need to delay a week or change up the food. It makes life much easier!!!
I have been using MIchigan Meal Prep for a couple of months and I couldn't be happier. I live a healthy lifestyle and compete in bikini fitness competitions and these meals have been a lifesaver to keep me on track and to provide some variety in my meals. I started with the chef's choice meals but now I have my favorite carbs and veggies so I use the custom meal option. Their meatballs, steak bits, cauliflower and brussel sprouts are the bomb! My fav is the brussel sprouts. And Ryan and Francesca provide the best customer service. Hands down a game-changer for my healthy lifestyle!
On our 2nd order and we all love the meals!! Perfect size and taste great!!
Amazing and great tasting was perfect...I willbe doing this again and I have recommended it to several friends.
Food is great! Love the turkey meatballs... taste like my Italian grandmas!!! �� saves me time and keeps my diet on track... #GAINS
Francesca and Ryan are professional and offer a superb service!
These meals are amazing! Great customer service with a very knowledgeable staff!